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Everything you Need to Know about Bohol Island

Bohol is a province in the Central Visayas Region and is the 10th largest island in the Philippines. Situated to the west and northwest is the island of Cebu with the Bohol Strait separating the two island provinces. It is essentially an agricultural province with a terrain consisting of jungle and precipitous hills.

There are in fact 75 minor pristine tropical islands surrounding Bohol, lending it truly great holiday potential for those who seek relaxation and lazing in the sun.

For thrill seekers and adventure enthusiasts the list of pursuits is endless. Bohol is in essence the perfect balance between outdoor adventure, underwater pursuits and luxurious lounging around.

Tagbilaran City is the commercial hub of Bohol and where you will disembark upon arrival. Most of the island's resorts are concentrated around here and Alona Beach. Island transportation is in the form of Jeepneys (old jeeps and busses that have been elaborately decked out – the island's taxis) and these offer the best way of getting around.

Best known for its enigmatic dome-like chocolate-coloured hills, other attractions of the island combine natural and man-made wonders including heavenly beaches, historic architecture and sensational marine life. Top this off with charming dining venues, wrapped up in that enticing Filipino charm and you can see exactly why locals have nicknamed their home, ‘God's little paradise’.

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