10 Best Kids’ Activities in Boracay

Boracay’s Best Family-Friendly Things to Do Do

Boracay is mainly famous for its beaches and nightlife, but the 10 best kids’ activities displayed below show that it’s also a great family destination where you can enjoy an exciting tropical holiday in the Philippines.

As in most tropical islands developed for tourism, Boracay's best family-friendly things to do feature a good choice of outdoor sightseeing excursions, thrilling nautical sports, and a few cultural visits of man-made attractions. There’s indeed something to see and do for everyone in your family, from toddler to teenager, mom and dad.

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    Go Island Hopping

    Island hopping is one of the prime activities in Boracay. From Crystal Cove to Crocodile Island, and from Panay to Carabao, Boracay is surrounded by islands that can be visited on day trips. Your children will enjoy the exhilarating feeling of taking to the sea on board a speedboat or a Paraw (the local sailing boats), visiting new territories, and getting a thrill out of snorkelling, exploring caves, picnicking on the beach, and all the activities comprised in an island-hopping tour. Check out the five best islands to trip to around Boracay.


    Go to Slides N’ Splash Water Park

    Get ready for a lot of fun at Slides N’ Splash Water Park Boracay. This floating park made of inflatable devices offers a wide range of challenging water activities. It is located a mere 15-minute boat trip from White Beach – Station 1. It’s suitable even for novice swimmers as life vests for children and adults are at hand. From trampolines to jiggling ladders to long log-shaped floaties, and more, you and your children will spend a stimulating day in a safe environment under the supervision of the staff and trained life guards.

    • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 18:00
    • Location: Four kilometres south of Boracay
    • Tel: +63 939 105 7411
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    Take a Glass-bottom Boat Tour

    Glass-bottom boats come in all shapes and sizes, from sea kayak to converted fishing boat, they offer a safe way to discover the outstanding underwater sceneries around Boracay. One of the most popular boats to tour on is the SS Nemo. Painted to resemble the famous Disney cartoon character, it permits you and your family to observe Boracay's teeming sealife in comfort. The tour lasts about two hours, and includes snorkelling, soft drinks, and snacks. It’s also affordable: PHP 750 for adults, and PHP 300 for children under five years old.

    • Opening Hours: 11:00 – 16:00
    • Tel: +63 36 288 4599, +63 919 580 1221 or +63 918 490 5619

    Boracay Oceanarium is a cool attraction located on the ground (underground would be more accurate though, as the Oceanarium stands on the basement floor of the resort) of Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center. You’ll find two main sections to explore: The Discovery Tunnel with additional smaller aquariums that house a great variety of fish and marine species from the Philippines, and the Oceanbar, a stylish restaurant at which you can see the Mermaid Show (at 11:00 and 16:00) and the live feeding of the fishes. Modern and well thought out, Boracay Oceanarium is a cool attraction to take your children for a fun and informative excursion. Read More...

    • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 18:00
    • Location: On Boracay Highway Central in Station 3
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    Ride a Banana Boat

    Banana boat rides are very popular in Boracay. Obviously, they do not suit very young children, and usually do not accept kids below six years old. Most people agree, riding a banana boat is so much fun. Like a nautical rodeo, you ride an inflatable banana-shaped raft pulled by a speedboat which races a short distance off the coast of Boracay. The price is about PHP 300 per person for a 15-minute ride. Wearing a life jacket is mandatory. You can easily find banana boat rides along the 4 kilometres of White Beach all year round, and at Bulabog Beach in high season.


    Visit Dream Land Trick Art Museum

    Dream Land Trick Art Museum is the best part of Happy Dreamland Theme Park which is rather ageing these days. The trick-art museum displays a collection of trompe-l’oeil paintings that offer you great photo opportunities. You can be snapped drinking the milk served by Vermeer’s Milkmaid, receive a mathematics lesson by A. Einstein, cruise Venice in a gondola, ride in Santa Clause’s sledge, and much more through these optical illusions’ paintings. Entrance costs PHP 180, which also includes a visit to the Bird Farm and a ride on the Sky Cycle.

    • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 17:00
    • Location: Station 1
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    Learn Scuba Diving

    Boracay is a wonderful holiday destination for scuba divers. Lying 500 metres off the southeast coast of Bora, Crocodile Island is recognised as one of the most beautiful dive sites in the region, and many other superb spots can be found around the island. The many dive centres in Bora have different options at hand for your children to learn scuba diving. The PADI Bubblemaker is the equivalent of a first dive, and can be pursued from eight years old. The PADI Junior Open Water Diver certificate can be obtained between 10 and 15 years old; it allows your child to dive, accompanied by an adult, to a maximum depth of 12 metres.


    Visit Bat Cave

    Children love some adventurous exploration, and, on Boracay, the famous Bat Cave is one of the best places to take inquisitive youngsters. It's located near Ilig Iligan Beach on the northeastern part of the island. As it is located on a private land, you have to pay a small fee, and hire a guide to get there and come back safely. You’ll first have to walk through the jungle, before reaching the entrance of the cave framed by huge rocks. Be careful when walking inside the cave as the bats’ faeces cover most of the ground and make it slippery. The stench is also pungent. You’ll spot here large fruit bats as well as other smaller bat species.

    • Location: On the northeastern part of the island, near Ilig Iligan Beach
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    Go Parasailing

    Get a bird’s eye view of Boracay Island by flying with a colourful parachute pulled by a powerful speedboat. Parasailing is a popular activity in Boracay, mostly along White Beach. Children over three years old are allowed to join these exciting rides over the sea. There’s no need to worry as, before departure, the operator teaches you the hand signal needed if you would like to end the ride. In any case, children are always accompanied by an adult, and wearing a life jacket is mandatory.


    Build sand castles on the beach

    As the main attraction in Boracay is the beach, you certainly will spend a bit of time on the sand with your children during your holiday. Talking about sand, did you know that one of the favourite activities here, for the locals, is the construction of sand castles? It appears that the quality of the sand of Boracay makes it highly suitable for such works of art. Your first attempt may not be as beautiful as the true masterpieces built by the Filipinos, but building a sand castle gives you the time to share a pleasant moment on the beach with your children.

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