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Where to Eat in Boracay Island

Boracay restaurants and dining venues are easy to find. Where or what to eat isn't a thing you need worry about when in Boracay. The four-kilometre beachfront on White Beach hosts an amazing selection of restaurants that serve cuisines ranging from Thai to Japanese to Italian to French to North American to Filipino, and more.

From open-air seafood barbeques to fine dining venues, many of these restaurants tempt customers with generous set meals or dinner buffets. For travellers on budgets, there are several inexpensive eateries at the back of D' Mall (near Station Two) and along the Main Road. Where to eat in Boracay? The answer to this question can be found right below...

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All Restaurants in Boracay Island

Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay

Aplaya Beach Bar is an open-air restaurant that specialises in Mediterranean food served amidst a hippy and very chill environment. Located right on White Beach towards the end of Station 1, this restaurant is the perfect venue to start or finish your day. Both foreigners and locals alike congregate here for their sumptuous menu, discount happy Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 08:00 - 01:30
  • Address: 380 White Beach, Station 1 Boracay, Malay, Aklan, Philippines
  • Tel: +63 (036) 288 2851
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Aria Cucina Italiana

Aria serves delicious and freshly cooked Italian dishes such as pizzas, pastas, salads, and sweets. Do not forget to try its famous homemade panna cotta.

The restaurant has a chic and modern dining room with a good view of the slow-moving crowd on the beach path.

  • Opening Hours: 11:00 – 23:00
  • Location: At the beachfront of D’mall of Boracay
  • Tel: +63 36 288 5573 and +63 36 288 6223
  • Price Range: Affordable
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Cha Cha’s Beach Café

Located on White Beach front, at Station 2, Cha Cha’s Beach Café is a well-though-out modern venue opened for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even though Cha Cha’s Beach Café has an international menu, its Filipino dishes section is second to none. You have the possibility to taste here a wide range of local specialities such as pinakbet (mixed vegetables steamed in fish sauce), crispy Lechón belly rolls (roasted suckling pork), jalapeño waffles, and more.

  • Opening Hours: 06:00 – 00:00
  • Address: White Beach – Station 2, just south of Henann Regency Resort
  • Tel: +63 36 288 2634
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This native-style restaurant offers excellent local and international cuisine at an inexpensive prices. Part of Cocoloco Boracay Beach Resort, and situated in the Angol area on White Beach, the atmosphere is rather romantic and far away from the more populated areas.

  • Location: White Beach
  • Price Range: Affordable
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Dos Mestizos

Dos Mestizo is a popular Spanish restaurant, serving excellent tapas, sangria, and paella. The restaurant opens daily for lunch and dinner. Also, it serves all-you-can-eat Spanish dishes every Saturday night. The bean soups and hearty stews are tasty. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 11:00 – 23:00
  • Location: Behind the Tourist Centre, between Station 2 and 3 White Beach
  • Tel: +63 36 288 5786
  • Price Range: Affordable
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Friday’s Boracay

The main reason why the restaurant is called Friday's Boracay because it has a fantastic cultural show on Fridays and offers a special set meal including barbeque, a feast of sushi, sashimi, and grilled meats and fish.

The bar has happy hours everyday from 15:00 - 18:00.

  • Location: Station One, White Beach
  • Tel: +63 36 288 6200
  • Price Range: Pricey
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Gerry’s Grill

Gerry’s Grill is the place you should head to if you hang around the northern side of White Beach – Station 1, and fancy feasting on grilled seafood and genuine Filipino delicacies. Located just north of the Boracay Beach Resort, Gerry’s Grill is extremely popular and usually crowded during meal times. The restaurant is spotless, the food delicious, and the only downside is that the service can be a bit slow, especially at rush hours. The most recommended dishes here are sizzling sisig, Inihaw na Pusit (grilled marinated grilled squid), and pork BBQ.

  • Opening Hours: 11:00 – 23:00
  • Location: Just north of Boracay Beach Resort on White Beach – Station 1
  • Tel: +63 36 288 1458 to 59
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Hoy Panga Boracay

Hoy Panga Boracay is a cool restaurant located on White Beach front – Station 2. It advertises itself as "Classic Filipino food – fiesta style dining". If you’re searching for a festive restaurant to sample genuine Philippines cuisine, you can’t go wrong at Hoy Panga Boracay. From sisig (pig’s head and liver seasoned with calamansi and chili pepper) to adobong kangkong (healthy vegetable dishes with soy sauce, garlic, and vinegar), and much more, you can tell that their promotional slogan is as genuine as the food they serve.

  • Opening Hours: 07:00 – 01:00
  • Location: White Beach – Station 2
  • Tel: +63 998 545 7516
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Lemoni Café & Restaurant

Lemoni Café and Restaurant is an open-sided venue that's open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Simply decorated, the venue is as pleasant and refreshing as the dishes it serves. From all-day American and Filipino breakfasts to light snacks, salads and sandwiches for lunch, and from dishes such as grilled pork chops or pan-fried mahi-mahi for dinner Read More...

  • Opening Hours: Daily from 07:00 – 23:00
  • Location: D’mall Square near White Beach
  • Tel: +63 36 288 6781
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Los Indios Bravos

This gastropub near Bulabog Beach gives you the opportunity to sample fine dishes that blend international and Philippine flavours. From nachos to seafood platters, and from oyster Rockefeller (one of the most popular dishes here) to chorizo and mushroom risotto, the menu is certainly diverse at Los Indios Bravos. The décor of the restaurant is stylish without being too ostentatious, and the atmosphere is casual. Rates are in line with the high quality of the dishes served here.

  • Opening Hours: Daily from 10:00 – 23:00
  • Location: On Road 1A that leads to Bulabog Beach
  • Tel: +63 36 288 2803
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Mama’s Fish House

Dining at Mama’s Fish House has more than one advantage. Firstly, you’ll dine on the beachfront of one of the most-liked Boracay beaches; secondly, you’ll see the magnificent sunset show (if you come on time); and thirdly, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh seafood cooked Filipino or Asian style, following your wishes. Ain’t life beautiful that way? The quiet and beautiful environment of the restaurant also make Mama’s Fish House the perfect place for a romantic dinner in Boracay.

  • Opening Hours: 06:00 – 22:00
  • Location: On Diniwid Beach front
  • Tel: +63 36 288 4311
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Mañana Mexican Cuisine

This lovely beachside and open-air restaurant serves large portions of Mexican food, all using its traditional clay plates. The nacho chips are fresh from the pan and its dip is delicious.

The only downside is that the outstanding guacamole is only available when avocados are in season.

  • Location: Station One, White Beach
  • Price Range: Affordable
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Mesa Filipino Moderne

Part of the Henann Regency Resort on White Beach between Station 2 and 3, Mesa Filipino Moderne is, as its name implies, a contemporary style local restaurant. It serves exquisite Filipino food in big portions and at moderate prices. You’ll obviously find here all the classics of this cuisine rich in flavors, from Lechón to sisig, and from adobo to binakol, fish, pork and chicken are delicately prepared by the competent kitchen team. The restaurant’s location on the beachfront also makes it a very pleasant sundowner spot.

  • Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00
  • Location: At Henann Regency Resort & Spa
  • Tel: +63 36 288 6111
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Nami Boracay Restaurant

Nami Boracay Resort’s restaurant not only features a superb view on the turquoise waters of Diniwid Bay, and further onto the Visayas Sea, it also gives you the unique opportunity to get a ride in a bamboo lift. Joke aside, as in most hotel’s restaurants, the food served at Nami is international and can equally satisfy meat lovers, vegans, and others. This stated, the quality of the seafood served, and the ways it is prepared at Nami, really makes it a recommendable place to dine in Boracay.

  • Opening Hours: 06:30 – 23:00
  • Location: Just north of Diniwid Beach
  • Tel: +63 36 288 6753
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Paupatri Restaurant

Paupatri Restaurant is certainly not easy to find the first time. Located in a small wood next to a pond, right behind Boracay Summer Palace when coming from Boracay Highway Central, the restaurant really is a hidden gem. Open-sided and surrounded by a luxuriant tropical vegetation, Paupatri is made of bamboo, thatch and wood, but it also has a certain class. As for the menu, you’ll find here most of the favourite Filipino specialities, prepared with love by the two chefs who conceived and opened this restaurant.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 22:30
  • Location: Station 2, behind Boracay Summer Palace when coming from Boracay Highway Central
  • Tel: +63 36 288 2477
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Sea Breeze Café

Signature restaurant of the stylish Henann Regency Resort & Spa on the southern side of White Beach – Station 2, Sea Breeze Café offers you a spotless contemporary styled beachfront dining venue. The restaurant is especially famous for its high quality gigantic buffets, that have what seems an endless choice of exquisite dishes to eat. Seafood is one of the main items at hand in the buffets which comprise a sushi counter, squid, crab, prawn, fish, and much much more prepared following various international recipes. The buffet is priced PHP 793, which is really a bargain for what’s on offer.

  • Opening Hours: 06:00 – 22:00
  • Location: At Henann Regency Resort & Spa on the southern side of White Beach – Station 2
  • Tel: +63 36 288 6111 to 17
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Sirena at Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort

Sirena is Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort’s signature seafood restaurant. Located at the top of the hill above the resort’s jetty port, it offers stunning vistas to the Visayas Sea through large French windows, and features refined furnishing and décors with a natural tropical twist. You have the opportunity here to sample fresh seafood prepared with the best ingredients by a highly qualified Chef and kitchen brigade. The Sirena’s Three-Tier Seafood Platter is one of the most appreciated dishes here. Please bear in mind that upscale dining goes along steep prices.

  • Opening Hours: 18:00 – 23:00
  • Location: At Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort, on the northwest coast of Boracay
  • Tel: 63 36 288 4988 ext. 6479
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Smoke Resto

Established in 2004, Smoke Resto serves a great choice of Filipino specialities at very affordable rates. The most popular dishes here include Bulalô (light coloured beef soup), beef Salpicao, and vegetable Okoy, three favourites of the Philippines’ cuisine. Smoke Resto has two branches in Boracay: the main one is located in the D’mall market, while the second one sits right next to Freestyle Academy Kite school on Bulalog beachfront. Down to earth and friendly, Smoke Resto should be your place of choice if you’d like to sample genuine Filipino food.

  • Opening Hours: 24/7
  • Location: In the market of D’mall
  • Tel: +63 36 288 6014 or +63 36 288 4565
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Solana at Shangri-La’s Boracay

Get ready for a refined experience at Solana Restaurant. Located on the grounds of the stylish Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa, on the west coast of the island, Solana is made of a large wooden terrace featuring open-sided cabanas, outdoor lounges, and tables around a fire pit. This venue is a stunning sundowner spot at Read More...

  • Opening Hours: Daily from 17:00 – 01:00
  • Location: in Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa
  • Tel: +63 36 288 4988 ext.6479
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SpiceBird Piri Piri Grill

If you like tender and juicy meats barbecued to your taste and accompanied by a spicy sauce prepared with a unique African chili named Piri Piri, then head to the small and modern SpiceBird, a restaurant situated between Station 2 and 3, right next to D’mall. The other dishes at hand here comprise Portuguese specialties as well as burgers, yet most of them feature a little bit of Piri Piri. So get ready for a hot experience. Prices are affordable.

  • Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00
  • Location: Behind the Ferris wheel near D’mall
  • Tel: +63 36 288 4023
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Steakhouse Boracay

The breezy, yet cozy restaurant serves imported steaks and fine wines from California, Germany, Australia, and France. Recommendations are the tasty schnitzel with pan-fried potatoes, spare ribs, and fish carpaccio. Other European specialties such as sausages and pasta are also available.

  • Location: Near D’ Mall, White Beach
  • Tel: +63 36 288 6102
  • Price Range: Pricey
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Subo Boracay

Established in 2015 on Calle Remedios at Station 3, Subo Boracay is an elegant restaurant with a quaint design that blends thatch roofing, wooden panels, and bright coloured windows. The atmosphere of the restaurant, and the cuisine served at Subo could not be more Filipino, as it was the main purpose of its establishment: the opening in Boracay of a 100% dedicated Filipino venue. You will many of Philippines’ favourite dishes here, as well as an excellent selection of wines, all at reasonable prices.

  • Opening Hours: 11:00 – 23:00
  • Location: Along Calle Remedios at Station 3
  • Tel: +63 908 738 2053
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The Hobbit House

The Hobbit House offers a long list of international dishes with live music everyday for lunch and dinner. However, the unique selling point of the Hobbit House is its staff – all are 'hobbits' or little people. Also, it sells lovely souvenirs like T-shirts and mugs.

  • Location: Plaza D’ Mall
  • Price Range: Affordable
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The Pig Out Bistro

It may sound funny and somehow paradoxical, but the Pig Out Bistro is one of the best seafood restaurants in Boracay. This rather small restaurant is located in a modern building just opposite Astoria Boracay on the main road, near Station 1. Their seafood platter is one of the favourite dishes at hand as it can easily feed up to five persons, but you can find original specialities here, such as the crab burger or the oysters mignonette. Service is excellent, and prices are fair.

  • Opening Hours: 07:00 – 23:00
  • Location: On the main road right opposite Astoria Boracay at Station 1
  • Tel: +63 36 288 9089
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The Ruf Resto Bar

Located on the rooftop of Ferra Hotel Boracay, in the centre of the island, The Ruf Resto is a lively spot, perfect to enjoy a sundowner as well as a genuine Filipino grub. Their sinuglaw (grilled pork belly and fish ceviche) is to die for, while their chicken and pork adobo (stewed meats with vinegar, soy sauce, and spices) as well as all their other Philippines dishes are also extremely recommended. Price-wise, the restaurant (and the hotel it belongs to) are mid-range.

  • Opening Hours: 17:30 – 23:30
  • Location: At Ferra Hotel Boracay
  • Tel: +63 917 680 9140
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The Sunny Side Café

Opened in 2014 and specialising in all-day breakfasts and light dishes blending American and Filipino influences, The Sunny Side Café is a small and modern venue at which you can restore yourself in a relaxing ambience. Located on the Station Beachfront, toward the southern end of White Beach, The Sunny Side Café features indoor and outdoor dining areas. The most popular dishes at hand here are the bacon and mango grilled sandwich, The Sunny Side Café Chori Burger, which is a Filipino take on an American classic dish, the Espresso-caramel pancakes, and the avocado-bacon smash. Prices are mid-range.
  • Opening Hours: 07:00 – 21:30
  • Location: Station 3 Beachfront
  • Tel: +63 36 288 2874
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Tilapia ’n Chip

The name of this restaurant says it all: you’ll have the opportunity here to sample the Filipino version of England’s most iconic dish: fish and chips. The tilapia has become one of the most consumed fish in the world, due to its agreeable mild-taste, low price, and ease to farm. Tilapia ‘n Chips’ menu is not limited to this dish as it hosts also other seafood and meat dishes. However, it’s what most people come to eat at this friendly and modern restaurant. Rates are also reasonable.

  • Opening Hours: 11:00 – 23:00
  • Location: A few doors down Crafts of Boracay Supermarket on Boracay Tambisaan Jetty Port Road
  • Tel: +63 36 288 2283
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Vintana at Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort

Vintana is one of the stylish restaurants that belong to the no-less stylish Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort. It offers the perfect venue to sample genuine Filipino food on the upscale side, although it offers other types of cuisine (western, Indian, and Asian) as well. Pick a table on the terrace, or near a window if you prefer to dine in an air-conditioned space, then enjoy a short yet good choice of genuine Filipino dishes, including fresh native spring rolls, sinigang salmon or pork, bistek tagalog (beef tenderloin, braised onion, calamansi, soy, and atchara), and more.

  • Opening Hours: 06:30 – 22:00
  • Location: At Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa
  • Tel: +63 36 288 4988
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Wrap ‘n Roll

Wrap ‘n Roll is the restaurant and bar of Spider House Resort, a mid-range beachfront guesthouse located near Diniwid Beach, on the northwest coast of Boracay. Settled on a cliff side, Wrap ‘n Roll is a popular venue for both residents and visitors, due to its outdoor terrace that overlooks the sea, and offer an outstanding sundowner spot. At hide tide, you also can dive right into the sea from that terrace. Serving excellent potent cocktails, and a wide range of Filipino and international favourites, Wrap ‘n Roll also feature a delicious Sushi bar.

  • Opening Hours: 07:00 – 23:00
  • Location: Just north of Diniwid Beach
  • Tel: +63 36 288 2350
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