9 Things to Do in Boracay When It Rains

Rainy Day Activities in Boracay

There’s a cool choice of things to do in Boracay when it rains. At first, it appears certainly not fun, as all those who spend their holiday on a tropical island do it to enjoy as much as possible the many outdoor activities at hand both at sea and in land, yet a downfall in Boracay is not as cold as in New York or London, so you can still go out and have fun with a light raincoat.

Wet season in Boracay is called Habagat, and it offically lasts from June to October. Many visitors pick that period despite the risks of rain, for several good reasons: hotel rates are lower, there’s less throngs than in high season, and anyway, it is rare – apart from during a typhoon – to see uninterrupted rain for several days. Whatever the period you come to Boracay for holiday, the rainy-day activities displayed below may come handful…

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Visit a spa

Visit a spa

Spas and massage salons abound in Boracay. Apart from the beach massages which are usually performed outside, all other body treatments are done indoor, which can shelter you from the falling rain for an hour or two. Simple massages in the salons found along White Beach cost only a few hundreds of Philippines Pesos, but you can also indulge yourself with a full body treatment in the spa of an upscale resort such as the Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa, or the Mandala Spa & Villas Boracay.


Go shopping

Go shopping

Shopping is a pleasant activity when it rains in Boracay. Despite they are not fully covered by a roof, the five largest shopping complexes on the island (D’Mall, E-Mall, D’Talipapa Market, Plazoleta, and City Mall) offer you a pleasant way to wait for the pouring rain to end. You’ll find a large collection of souvenirs, fashion and beachwear, as well as cool venues to grab a snack and have a drink. Have a look at our top 5 shopping in Boracay, to know more about these stores and markets.

A handful of exciting options await you at Boracay Oceanarium. Apart from the many aquariums filled with aplenty of different marine creatures, the Boracay Oceanarium is famous for two highlights: the discovery tunnel, and the ocean walk. As its name implies, the former is a several metres long sea-through tunnel that allows you to be swum over by sharks, puffers, and other large fishes. The latter is a unique activity: scuba diving inside the aquarium. Located on the grounds of the Crown Regency Resort & Convention Centre, it’s a cool place to visit on a rainy day. Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 18:00
  • Location: On Boracay Highway Central in Station 3
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Go windsurfing and kiteboarding

Go windsurfing and kiteboarding

From June to October, Habagat season is the best time to enjoy nautical sports such as windsurfing and kiteboarding in Boracay. The main playground for these activities is Bulabog Beach, on the east coast of the island. The lagoon is protected by an outer reef, and the wet season’s northeast winds make Bulabog perfect and safe for surfers and boarders, even if they are just beginners. Obviously, it’s less fun to engage in these nautical sports if the rain is too strong, but most of the time, it is just fine.


Go helmet diving

Go helmet diving

No need anymore to be a licensed scuba diver or even to be able to swim to experience this thrilling activity that allows you to discover the underwater marvels around Bora Island. Helmet diving is a safe way to walk on the sea bottom and see the magnificent fauna and flora that live a short distance from the shore, just a few metres below sea level. The oxygen-pumped helmet is comfortable, and only a few minutes’ instruction is required for you to know the dos and don’ts of this underwater activity. You can book a helmet diving tour at Milky’s Helmet Diving (tel: +63 36 288 2243/2011), Boracay Adventures Inc. (tel: +63 36 288 2032), and many other dive centres and agents along White Beach.


Ride an ATV

Ride an ATV

It’s obviously more pleasant to ride an ATV when the sun shines, however it can be extremely fun to slide in the mud when it rains. ATV rental and many ATV tours are available in Boracay. The former option is mostly on standard roads so doesn’t fit much as a rainy day activity though. It’s best to join a tour that takes you to the forest that covers the northeastern part of the island. You’ll first learn how to handle your machine, before exploring the wilderness in groups of up to 10 ATVs. In low season, be prepared to get wet and mud stained – it’s all part of the fun.


Go empty a few clips at the shooting range

Go empty a few clips at the shooting range

You could choose to practice your aim at the Jin Da Heng indoor shooting range in case of rain. Located in Yapak, the northern part of the island, you can choose between 9 mm, 40 cal, and 45 cal to shoot your target with auto and semi-auto guns, or revolvers. A skilled range safety officer will show you the proper way on how to use the weapon, and guide you throughout the shooting session. Besides the shooting range, the Jin Da Heng complex features ping pong tables, a bar, and a restaurant.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 18:00
  • Location: Yapak
  • Tel: +63 36 288 2728 or +63 36 288 1135
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Stay fit at an indoor sports centre

Stay fit at an indoor sports centre

There are many fitness centres in Boracay, mostly inside hotels, but just in case your hotel doesn’t host a gym, you can easily find one nearby. Obviously, the most upscale resorts such as Shangri-La’s Boracay or Henann Lagoon Resort, to name just a few, have well-equipped sport centres, but you can easily find standalone gyms all around the island. For instance, Legacy Gym Boracay is located on Diniwid Road (tel: +63 921 201 6375), Athlete’s Gym at D’Mall (tel: +63 36 288 1378), and Kingfishers Gym, just south of Bulabog Beach (tel: +63 36 288 2347).


Visit Dream Land Trick Art Museum

Visit Dream Land Trick Art Museum

Dream Land Trick Art Museum is the best part of Happy Dreamland Theme Park which is rather ageing these days. The trick-art museum displays a collection of trompe-l’oeil paintings that offer you great photo opportunities. You can be snapped drinking the milk served by Vermeer’s Milkmaid, receive a mathematics lesson by A. Einstein, cruise Venice in a gondola, ride in Santa Clause’s sledge, and much more through these optical illusions’ paintings. Entrance costs PHP 180, which also includes a visit to the Bird Farm and a ride on the Sky Cycle.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 17:00
  • Location: Station 1
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