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Where to Eat in Metro Cebu

Cebu's cosmopolitan atmosphere is reflected in its diverse range of dining options. Be it local food, continental, fusion, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, or Italian restaurants; a variety of different flavors from around the world can be found on most streets. Once in Cebu, you should not miss trying the dish it is famous for – lechon (roast suckling pig). Worldwide fast food chains also feature in the major malls, such as, SM City, Ayala Centre and IT Park. Below is a list of our recommended restaurants in Cebu City.


Anzani is highly rated as one of the leading restaurants in town. This five-star dining venue serves filling and delicious European food at reasonable prices. Situated on Lahung Nivel Hills, Anzani is an ideal romantic restaurant and features great views over Cebu City. Private dining rooms are available.

Location: Lahug Nivel Hills
Tel: +63 32 233 4054
Price Range: Pricey


An authentic Italian Restaurant serving gourmet pizzas, pasta, osso buco, scallopini ala marsala and traditional Italian desserts including panna cotta, bread pudding, tartufo.

Opening Hours: 06:00 - 24:00
Location: 2nd Floor, the Forum Building, Archbishop Reyes.
Tel: +63 32 412 9887
Price Range: Pricey

CNT Lechon

CNT Lechon arguably serves the best lechon in Cebu City. Choices include lechon baboy, lechon head (boneless), and lechon feet – all parts are delicious and sarsa (sauce) is unnecessary. The restaurant also provides a special take-away box for travellers who wish to bring some piece (or whole) of the finest lechon to friends and family back home.

Location: Outside SM City Cebu Mall
Tel: +63 32 254 6641
Price Range: Affordable


Golden Cowrie

If you’re looking for the authentic Pilipino food, head to Holden Corwrie and you won’t be disappointed. Specialty dishes are tahong and adobong. Also, the restaurant offers set menus for groups of four to eight people.  Golden Cowrie has two branches, one on Salinas Drive and another is at SM City Cebu mall.

Location: Salinas Drive and at SM City Cebu
Tel: +63 32 233 4243
Price Range: Affordable


Also known as 'The Philippine’s McDonalds', Jollibee is a popular Pilipino fast food chain. The highlights include Jolli-spaghetti and Chicken-joy (fried chicken with heavy gravy on the rice.) Burgers, fries, mash potatoes, and set menus are also available. Price is inexpensive.

Location: Colon Street
Tel: +63 32 812 9984
Price Range: Affordable

Lemon Grass

Conveniently located in Ayala Food and Entertainment Centre, Lemon Grass offers mainly Thai and Vietnamese dishes and some other Asia cuisine. Try som tam (papaya salad), paad thai (Thai style fried noodles), and tom yam soup (spicy soup) – very popular. The friendly staff and good service are major plus.

Location: 1st level, Ayala Food and Entertainment Center, Ayala Mall Centre
Tel: +63 32 233 8601
Price Range: Affordable

Spice Fusion

This restaurant offers a long list of Asian dishes ranging from varieties of meat dishes to seafood. The price of the food is reasonable considering how the food is being prepared as served. Very popular with locals and can be packed during lunch and dinner hours.

Location: Banilad Town Centre
Tel: +63 32 344-7280
Price Range: Affordable

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