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    Everything you Need to Know about Cebu Island

    Cebu is the largest island in the Visayas region and is particularly rich in historical significance with regards to the Philippines' colonisation at the hands of the Spanish. The original capital, until Manila's appointment, Cebu was demoted during the 17th century. Sporting the nickname ‘The Queen of the South’, it has six cities – Cebu, Danao, Lapu-Lapu, Mandaue, Toledo and Talisay; and 47 smaller towns.

    To this day it still remains a prominent and popular part of the archipelago, boasting the most ethnically diverse population. Its inhabitants are an interesting bunch, made up Malay, Chinese, Filipino and an ever-growing number of westerners. It is now considered to be the most dynamic island in the Philippines, attracting native and international tourists in droves.

    Cebu has a narrow coastline, limestone plateaus, and coastal plains. It also has rolling hills, and rugged mountain ranges traversing the northern, and southern lengths of the island, with the highest mountain standing over 1,000 metres tall.

    There is a great variety of manmade and natural wonders to feast your eyes on, before you even get to the indulgences of lazing on the pristine beaches and filling up on the delectable local fare. In short, Cebu has all your heart could desire from a holiday destination.

  • Cebu City Activities

    Cebu City Activities

    Cebu is a place as much defined by its recreational pursuits as by its natural beauty. Dive enthusiasts from all over the world are drawn here by the extensive marine life Read More...

  • Cebu City Attractions

    Cebu City Attractions

    Time spent admiring the natural and manmade wonders on the island is time well spent. From Magellan’s Cross, to cascading waterfalls. Read More...

  • Cebu City Restaurants

    Cebu City Restaurants

    Cebu's cosmopolitan atmosphere is reflected in its diverse range of dining options. Be it local food, continental, fusion, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, or Italian Read More...

  • Cebu City Shopping

    Cebu City Shopping

    Cebu's best shopping can be found within the city's bustling malls. The most popular and the largest one, SM City Cebu mall, is located on Kaohsiung. Its two wings: north and Read More...

  • Cebu City Nightlife

    Cebu City Nightlife

    If you like to party, Cebu City has plenty of places to choose from. Mango Avenue and Mango Square is where all the bars and nightclubs are located. Read More...

  • Cebu Island Map

    Cebu Island Map

    Our interactive map displays all available hotels with photos, facilities and guest comments as well as attractions, landmarks and other items of interest with links to relevant Read More...

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