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The Philippines restaurants and dining scene has something for everyone. When on Cebu or the capital, Manila, the most advanced cities in the island country, you can expect the sort of dining options you would get in any cosmopolitan capital, be it fast food or a quaint fine-dining French haunt. Besides, the Philippines has an extraordinary richness in the types of cuisines it offers. Influences come from all around the world, from Spain to North America to Southeast Asia, thanks to the many visitors the country welcomed (sometimes against its will) through its long history.

Food here is invariably affordable, especially on the islands, although it will be predominantly Filipino food. Resorts on the islands cater to western tourists, often putting on buffets that offer delicacies from around the globe, as well as a la carte menus usually consisting of Mediterranean fare. The Filipinos are great fans of the eating experience and more often than not, appreciate alcohol with it. 

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