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With nearly 200 hotels, resorts, serviced apartments and guesthouses to choose from, finding where to stay in Philippines is not a problem. They are all listed here and sorted by location in alphabetical order, then by starting price in ascending orders. Along with the location, you will find the hotel’s name, star rating (self-rated) and starting price. To book, click on the name and it will take you to the hotel’s page where you can book your room online.

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  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Misibis Bay   Bicol 152.34 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  ChARTs Resort & ART-Cafe   Bohol 62.13 USD
  Alona Studios Hotel   Bohol 38 USD
  The Peacock Garden Luxury Resort and Spa   Bohol 178.16 USD
  Bohol Sea Resort   Bohol 40.45 USD
  Bohol Vantage Resort   Bohol  
  Chill-out Guesthouse Panglao   Bohol 13.86 USD
  Sherwood Bay Resort & Aqua Sports   Bohol 76 USD
  Dao Diamond Hotel and Restaurant   Bohol 31.89 USD
  Darunday Manor   Bohol 25 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  7 Stones Boracay Suites   Boracay 135.44 USD
  Levantin Boracay   Boracay 25.87 USD
  Palassa Private Residences Boracay   Boracay 104.27 USD
  Papaya Resort Boracay   Boracay 24 USD
  Ambassador In Paradise Resort   Boracay 112.61 USD
  Boracay SandCastles The Apartments   Boracay 86.37 USD
  Casa Alonso   Boracay 47.84 USD
  Jony s Beach Resort   Boracay 71.27 USD
  La Plage de Boracay Resort   Boracay 28.86 USD
  Lakbayan Hotel Boracay   Boracay 14.36 USD
  Microtel Boracay   Boracay 60.85 USD
  Orinda Boracay   Boracay 38.02 USD
  Patio Pacific Boracay   Boracay 60.58 USD
  Real Maris Resort and Hotel   Boracay 97.20 USD
  Shangri-La s Boracay Resort & Spa   Boracay 373.89 USD
  Willy s Beach Club Hotel Boracay   Boracay 50.53 USD
  Two Seasons Boracay   Boracay 139 USD
  Azalea Hotels and Residences Boracay   Boracay 86.87 USD
  Bambooze Hauz Boracay   Boracay 17.50 USD
  Blue Veranda Suites   Boracay 58.23 USD
  Boracay Haven Resort   Boracay 60.09 USD
  Boracay Holiday Resort   Boracay 45.07 USD
  Boracay Summer Palace   Boracay 69.85 USD
  Crown Regency Resort & Convention Center   Boracay 86.60 USD
  Red Coconut   Boracay 80.05 USD
  Villa Paula Boracay Beach House   Boracay 33 USD
  Eclipse Resort Boracay   Boracay 46 USD
  Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel   Boracay 114 USD
  Crown Regency Beach Resort   Boracay 69.98 USD
  DiveGurus Boracay Beach Resort   Boracay 34.55 USD
  Greenyard Inn   Boracay 28.84 USD
  Roxon Apartments   Boracay 40.65 USD
  Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel   Boracay 104.81 USD
  Villa Romero Boracay   Boracay 15.53 USD
  Noes Cottages   Boracay 37 USD
  Erus Suites Hotel   Boracay 35.67 USD
  Golden Phoenix Hotel   Boracay 77.76 USD
  Paradise Bay Hotel Boracay   Boracay 60 USD
  LuxeView Hotel   Boracay 63.25 USD
  Monaco Suites de Boracay   Boracay 151.45 USD
  Discovery Shores Boracay   Boracay 273.90 USD
  Reef Retreat Resort   Boracay 80.23 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Badian Island Resort & Spa   Cebu 198.85 USD
  Cebu Grand Hotel   Cebu 47.66 USD
  Cebu View Tourist Inn   Cebu 15.53 USD
  Citi Park Hotel Cebu   Cebu 44.54 USD
  Harolds Hotel   Cebu 47.72 USD
  Parklane Hotel Cebu   Cebu 49.89 USD
  Radisson Blu Cebu   Cebu 96.08 USD
  Rajah Park Hotel   Cebu 32.07 USD
  San Remigio Beach Club   Cebu 47.64 USD
  SotoGrande Hotel and Resort   Cebu 76.08 USD
  St Mark Hotel Cebu   Cebu 35.42 USD
  The Henry   Cebu 64.51 USD
  Tune Hotel - Cebu City   Cebu 29.34 USD
  Turtle Bay Dive Resort Cebu   Cebu 84.46 USD
  Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino Cebu   Cebu 68.47 USD
  NS Royal Pensione   Cebu 24 USD
  Quest Hotel & Conference Center - Cebu   Cebu 60 USD
  Cebu White Sands   Cebu 86.86 USD
  Crimson Resort and Spa   Cebu 179.33 USD
  Hotel Europa Basak   Cebu 25.18 USD
  La Mirada Hotel   Cebu 56.59 USD
  Pacific Cebu Resort   Cebu 59.12 USD
  Plantation Bay Resort & Spa   Cebu 190.75 USD
  Shangri-La s Mactan Resort & Spa   Cebu 243.46 USD
  Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort   Cebu 152.16 USD
  Vista Mar Beach Resort and Country Club   Cebu 75.46 USD
  BlueFins Resort   Cebu 51 USD
  Purple Snapper Dive Resort   Cebu 10 USD
  Casa Del Mar Golf Polo & Beach Resort   Cebu 43.90 USD
  Alpa City Suites   Cebu 33.14 USD
  Cebu R Hotel   Cebu 20.49 USD
  Cordova Reef Village Resort   Cebu 59.88 USD
  Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel   Cebu 77.91 USD
  Crown Regency Hotel and Towers   Cebu 53.90 USD
  Crown Regency Residences Cebu   Cebu 31.02 USD
  Crown Regency Suites   Cebu 48.85 USD
  Diplomat Hotel Cebu   Cebu 24.64 USD
  Europa Mansionette Inn   Cebu 17.39 USD
  Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort   Cebu 160.36 USD
  Richmond Plaza Hotel   Cebu 23.52 USD
  The Orchard Cebu Hotel & Suites   Cebu 35.41 USD
  Waterfront Cebu City Hotel And Casino   Cebu 77 USD

Central Visayas

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Aqua-Landia Resort   Central Visayas 49.48 USD
  Atlantis Dive Resort - Dumaguete   Central Visayas 75.89 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  ALU HOTEL DAVAO   Davao 21.57 USD
  Crown Regency Residences Davao   Davao 26.51 USD
  Greenheights Business & Convention Center Corp   Davao 22.09 USD
  Marco Polo Davao   Davao 74.36 USD
  Red Knight Gardens   Davao 30.93 USD
  The Royal Mandaya Hotel   Davao 47.40 USD
  Tune Hotel - Davao   Davao 22.31 USD
  Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao   Davao 66.66 USD
  The Royale House Travel Inn & Suites   Davao 18 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Angeles Beach Club Hotel   Luzon 102.44 USD
  Best Western The Mint   Luzon  
  Hotel Saleh   Luzon 20.47 USD
  Microtel Tarlac   Luzon 40.76 USD
  Tune Hotel - Angeles City   Luzon 21.21 USD
  Azalea Residences Baguio   Luzon 74.19 USD
  Casa Vallejo   Luzon 30.93 USD
  Le Monet Hotel   Luzon 95.65 USD
  Microtel Baguio   Luzon 46.61 USD
  Baguio City Center hotel   Luzon 39 USD
  Hotel La Corona de Lipa   Luzon 41.44 USD
  Pico Sands Hotel   Luzon 133.63 USD
  The Suites at Mount Malarayat   Luzon 55.63 USD
  Potter s Ridge Tagaytay Hotel   Luzon 55 USD
  Hotel Luna   Luzon 81.16 USD
  Vitalis Resort and Spa   Luzon 71.27 USD
  Candon Hotel   Luzon 33 USD
  Plaza del Norte Hotel & Convention Center   Luzon 85.53 USD
  Atlantis Dive Resort - Puerto Galera   Luzon 47.32 USD
  Badladz Dive Resort   Luzon 31.90 USD
  Court Meridian Hotel & Suites   Luzon 69.98 USD
  RK Hotel   Luzon 61 USD
  Crosswinds Resort Suites   Luzon 60.09 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Acacia Hotel Manila   Manila 76.08 USD
  Bellevue Hotel Manila   Manila 71.58 USD
  Crimson Hotel Filinvest Manila   Manila 73.91 USD
  Isabelle Garden Hotel Paranaque   Manila 24.05 USD
  Armada Hotel Manila   Manila 55.37 USD
  Best Western Hotel La Corona Manila   Manila 51.15 USD
  Boulevard Mansion   Manila 34.75 USD
  Casa Bocobo Hotel   Manila 26.72 USD
  Century Park Hotel Manila   Manila 65.57 USD
  Executive Plaza Hotel   Manila 45.24 USD
  Hostel 1632   Manila 39.44 USD
  Las Palmas Hotel   Manila 41.69 USD
  Leesons Residences   Manila 21.21 USD
  Manila Pavilion Hotel And Casino   Manila 82.94 USD
  Orchid Garden Suites Manila   Manila 49.90 USD
  Palm Plaza Hotel   Manila 40.88 USD
  Pan Pacific Manila   Manila 112.49 USD
  The Bayleaf Intramuros   Manila 65.13 USD
  The Pearl Manila Hotel   Manila 38.65 USD
  Tune Hotel - Ermita Manila   Manila 26.51 USD
  White Knight Hotel Intramuros   Manila 35.26 USD
  24h Apartment Hotel   Manila 23.47 USD
  Artina Suites Hotel   Manila 29.31 USD
  Ascott Makati   Manila 132.17 USD
  AurumOne Hotel & Residences   Manila 37.23 USD
  Berjaya Makati Hotel   Manila 49.83 USD
  Best Western Oxford Suites Makati   Manila 44.25 USD
  Bsa Tower   Manila 48.02 USD
  Creekside Amorsolo Hotel   Manila 21.92 USD
  Crown Regency Makati   Manila 72.46 USD
  Dusit Thani Manila   Manila 107.17 USD
  F1 Hotel Manila   Manila 102.50 USD
  Fairmont Makati Hotel   Manila 159.77 USD
  Fraser Place Manila   Manila 122.37 USD
  Greenstone Residences Makati   Manila 0.00 USD
  Isabelle Royale Hotel & Suites   Manila 26.16 USD
  Makati Palace Hotel   Manila 49.82 USD
  Makati Shangri - La Manila   Manila 193.46 USD
  New World Makati Hotel   Manila 133.04 USD
  One Pacific Place Residences   Manila 64.00 USD
  Raffles Makati   Manila 278.24 USD
  Somerset Millennium   Manila 90.43 USD
  The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences Makati   Manila 92.09 USD
  Tune Hotel - Makati City   Manila 30.22 USD
  Y2 Residence Hotel   Manila 69.81 USD
  Citadel Inn Makati   Manila 37 USD
  Primetown Tower Makati   Manila 37 USD
  Jupiter Suites   Manila 53 USD
  St Giles Makati Metro Manila   Manila 81 USD
  Edsa Shangri - La - Manila   Manila 146.73 USD
  Goldland Millenia Suites   Manila 61.43 USD
  Lancaster Hotel Manila   Manila 51.25 USD
  Oakwood Premier Joy Nostalg Center Manila   Manila 107.60 USD
  The Linden Suites Manila   Manila 70.87 USD
  The Richmonde Hotel   Manila 70.98 USD
  Tune Hotel - Ortigas   Manila 27.80 USD
  Microtel Mall of Asia   Manila 131.20 USD
  Orion Hotel Manila   Manila 34.19 USD
  Pinoy Pamilya Hotel   Manila 42.70 USD
  Remington Hotel   Manila 68.14 USD
  The Mabuhay Manor   Manila 46.58 USD
  Discovery Suites   Manila 100.86 USD
  Marco Polo Ortigas Manila   Manila 100.62 USD
  New Horizon Hotel   Manila 47.45 USD
  The Exchange Regency Residence Hotel   Manila 43.05 USD
  Broadway Court Apartelle   Manila 24.74 USD
  Eastwood Richmonde Hotel   Manila 70.74 USD
  Hotel Rembrandt   Manila 54.43 USD
  Luxent Hotel   Manila 88.36 USD
  Oracle Hotel & Residences   Manila 56.27 USD
  Sulo Riviera Hotel   Manila 55.35 USD
  Bayview Park Hotel   Manila 60.87 USD
  Hotel H2O   Manila 92.93 USD
  Hotel Jen Manila   Manila 96.08 USD
  Manila Hotel   Manila 135.12 USD
  Sofitel Philippine Plaza   Manila 146.73 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Tune Hotel - Cagayan De Oro   Mindanao 20.54 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Huma Island Palawan   Palawan 460.65 USD
  Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa   Palawan 586.92 USD
  Centro Coron Bed and Breakfast   Palawan 37 USD
  Daven s Palace   Palawan 67 USD
  Apulit Island Resort   Palawan 340.44 USD
  Lagen Island Resort   Palawan 355.82 USD
  Miniloc Island Resort   Palawan 366.63 USD
  Tapik Beach Park Guest House   Palawan 14 USD
  Acacia Tree Garden   Palawan 53.02 USD
  Angelic Mansion   Palawan 26.51 USD
  Balay Tuko Garden Inn   Palawan 26.51 USD
  Balayong Pension   Palawan 22.09 USD
  Grande Vista Hotel Palawan   Palawan 27.22 USD
  Lotus Garden   Palawan 35.35 USD
  Sunlight Guest Hotel   Palawan 67.16 USD
  Tropical Sun Inn   Palawan 18.56 USD
  Turissimo Garden Hotel   Palawan 9.72 USD
  Crystal Paradise Resort Spa & Winery   Palawan 95 USD

Western Visayas

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Punta Bulata Resort & Spa   Western Visayas 91.90 USD
  Gracey Dive Resort   Western Visayas 39 USD

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