Mactan Island

Everything you Need to Know about Mactan Island

Mactan Island lies across the Mactan Channel, opposite Cebu City in the southeast of Manila. It is modern and yet has retained its greenness and features lovely sandy beaches and good diving spots off the neighboring islets. Mactan has a long history with many stories, the most frequently told being about the Battle of Mactan. In 1521, when Portuguese-born explorer Ferdinand Magellan arrived onshore he was killed by Mactan Chief Lapu Lapu and his men.

Visitors can visit both the Magellan and Lapu Lapu shrines while visiting the island. Mactan is also important as home of Mactan – Cebu International Airport, the country’s second busiest airport as well as the country’s largest export processing zone. Mactan is also well known for producing guitars and other musical instruments.

Mactan Island Hotels Where to Stay in Mactan Island

Accommodation choices on Mactan include Shangri-La's Mactan Island Resort & Spa and the Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino Mactan, both located not far from the airport.   Read More...

Mactan Island Attractions Mactan Island Attractions

Mactan is a perfect place for those who long for a holiday on a tropical island with beautiful beaches, great diving spots and plenty of snorkeling and diving sites. Read More...

Mactan Island Restaurants Mactan Island Restaurants

Visitors do not have to look far when it comes to quality dining out on Mactan Island. All the high-end hotels are well known for their superb kitchens. Read More...

Mactan Island Nightlife Mactan Island Nightlife

Many visitors usually just skip the island nightlife by going across the bridge to Cebu, located just miles away, but some would say that they're missing out by ignoring Mactan's nightlife. Read More...

Mactan Island Shopping Mactan Island Shopping

To make a holiday more of a full experience, shopping is involved along the line as well as some souvenir hunting. Mactan Island is well known for its handmade guitar factories as well as many other wooden instruments. Read More...

Mactan Island Activities Mactan Island Activities

Mactan is well known as a tourist haven in the Philippines. After landing at Mactan – Cebu International Airport, all one needs for a great holiday is very close by. Read More...

Mactan Island Map Mactan Island Map

Our interactive map (and satellite views) displays all available hotels with photos, facilities and guest comments as well as attractions, landmarks and other items of interest with links to relevant information pages. The perfect way to find your way around and see where everything actually is. Read More...


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