Manila - Capital of the Philippines

Everything you Need to Know about Manila

Manila has a certain ‘rough diamond’ quality about it. With over 9.5 million people in the Filipino capital – traffic congestion, pollution and crime are fairly ubiquitous – but nevertheless avoidable. It’s not rocket science – just don’t go wandering off into the suburbs on your own late at night and you'll be alright.

The most Americanized of all Southeast Asian cities is a dynamic, charming and hugely cosmopolitan place, commonly frequented by business and island-bound travellers and, for the most part, is an intriguing destination. It is a conglomeration of 12 cities and five municipalities, together functioning as Metro Manila.

Devastated by the bombing offensive of the World War II, the city has also had to contend with various bouts of natural disasters over the years, thus Manila's architecture is an eclectic mix. A city of contrasts – gleaming shopping malls stand proudly next to slums, while street food vendors ply their wares outside five-star hotels, Manila is an eye opener and a showcase for the integration of the old and the new.

Consequently, Manila has an amazing capacity for renewal; the same of course can also be said for the Manilenos, who are indeed the best thing about the place and responsible for its magnetic charm and overwhelming sense of spirit.

Colonized by Spain and America, the upshot of this is a rich architectural heritage and some fantastic entertainment and shopping zones. There is no shortage of things to do in this thriving metropolis where chaotic charm prevails over sophisticated order.

Manila Hotels Where to Stay in Manila

Accommodation in Manila goes from the top of the chain to simple guesthouses. Five-star, uber-luxurious properties are common due to the city’s role as a hub of business. Read More...

Manila Attractions Manila Attractions

Manila's architectural attractions have taken a battering over the years; the city was second only to Warsaw in terms of bombing destruction in WW II. Read More...

Manila Restaurants Manila Restaurants

Food is an integral part of the Filipino culture. Featuring a mixture of European and Asian, Malay, Spanish and Chinese dishes, there is definitely some good dining to be had in the metropolis. Read More...

Manila Nightlife Manila Nightlife

Filipinos personify the ‘life and soul of the party’ and like their Spanish counterparts, their ability to sing and dance is an inherent characteristic belonging to the majority of the population. Read More...

Manila Shopping Manila Shopping

Manila's mall culture is probably the most telling sign of the Americanization the Philippines has gone though. Almost every city block or two of Metro Manila has a mall, mostly closing at 21:00. Read More...

Manila Activities Manila Activities

Manila offers a wide selection of adventurous activities, side-splitting fun, open spaces and underwater amazement. The appeal that brings hordes of visitors to the Philippines each year can too be found around Manila-Metro. Read More...

Manila Map Manila Map

Our interactive map (and satellite views) displays all available hotels with photos, facilities and guest comments as well as attractions, landmarks and other items of interest with links to relevant information pages. The perfect way to find your way around and see where everything actually is. Read More...


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