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Maps of Bicol in the Philippines

The Bicol map displayed below gives you a clear view of this central region of the Philippines, which belong to the Luzon group of islands. The Bicol Region hosts six provinces, and covers over 18,000 km2. This volcanic region of the Philippines was explored by the Spanish at the end of the 16th century, and they left many splendid churches and chapels that have become the top landmarks of this area, due to the quality of their construction by the local workers.

Bicol is not a region especially famous on the international tourism scene, despite the many natural and manmade attractions it hosts. Apart from the beautiful religious edifices mentioned above, the region is renowned for featuring Mayon Volcano in the province of Albay, and for the whale shark watching excursions available from Donsol, a municipality located at the south of Luzon Island.

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Map of Bicol

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