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What to Do at Night in Philippines


Most people who come to the Philippines inevitably end up on stage at some point. The natives are great fans of performance and make use of the many karaoke joints across the country to showcase their talents and passion for dance and music. Manila and Cebu both have a very vibrant nightlife, and with clubs and bars open around the clock you will never be short of a drinking and dancing option. Party animals will be impressed by the carnival-like atmosphere of many of these joints. The Latino spirit of locals and overwhelming desire to have fun is quite addictive.

The nightlife on the holiday islands is slightly tamer in comparison, although it exists it is much more relaxed and beach-bar focused. Beachside sunset cocktails and drinks are favored as opposed to pulsating nightclubs, but of course a karaoke joint is never far away.

Angeles City Nightlife Angeles City Nightlife

Balibago is the main entertainment district, and the street that runs next to the former Clark Air Base, Fields Ave., is where the action is. Read More...

Bohol Nightlife Bohol Island Nightlife

Bohol excels in its sightseeing options but its nightlife is not a characteristic that would draw visitors to the island in the same way that Cebu might. Read More...

Boracay Island Nightlife

Party animals will love Boracay, as there are countless beach bars and nightclubs serving drinks that stay fun until very late at night. Read More...

Cebu City Nightlife Cebu City Nightlife

If you like to party, Cebu City has plenty of places to choose from. Mango Avenue and Mango Square is where all the bars and nightclubs are located. Read More...

Mactan Island Nightlife Mactan Island Nightlife

Many visitors usually just skip the island nightlife by going across the bridge to Cebu, located just miles away, but some would say that they're missing out by ignoring Mactan's nightlife. Read More...

Manila Nightlife Manila Nightlife

Filipinos personify the ‘life and soul of the party’ and like their Spanish counterparts, their ability to sing and dance is an inherent characteristic belonging to the majority of the population. Read More...


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